Let´s speak english, please! :)

  • Ooooh how awesome!

    Being honest, im more used to communication in english than in german - thanks to art-communities I'm part of, most my connections and kinda friends live in the US and whatever wich countries.
    Its always nice to see there is this one language nearly everyone is speaking. <3

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,
    here comes a joke for all the crazy one's like me:

    Barkeeper says:
    I read in a magazine, that if you put Viagra into your coffeecup, it won't improve your sex-life.
    It only prevents your cookies not getting squishy

  • I just found this thread, and I like it. I like to speak another languages, even I can't this very well and my grammatic is horrible.
    I wish that many user choose this thread to tell us what they like. Sometimes it will be easier to talk with foreign words to show how you feel.

  • Oh yeah :3 a little training is always great!
    I really like to go to spa/ sauna. I like the silence there, to calm down from the troubles of my life and you Ela?

    Today I feel really angry and depressed. Will take my medication soon :pill

  • Oh fine, there ist someone who likes to talk too in english

    Hmm, I don'nt like Sauna, it's to warm for me. But I like lonley places to shut down. So I love the rounds with my dog and most when we don't meet anyone; only the nature, my dog and me.

    Do you cry sometimes loud to shut down, only for yourself, maybe in the car or somewhere else??

  • Awww which kind of dog do you have? I love dogs so much! It makes me sad that we haven't enough time for one :( Sometimes I think it would be great for a shelter dog to get a home, even if you haven't too much time. Then I get sad and think he would need a human around to help him with his trauma... I don't know what to do.

    Loud crying doesn't help me to calm down. It makes everything worse for me. Does it help you? Do you have your place for that?

  • I didn't know whether I would be a good dog owner. It is a mix between Bernersennen and Labrador. Very nice and obediently.
    We went to dogschool for about four years. It was my first dog
    I have learned a lot about dogs and how to educate them. I have a lot of fun....but also work, yes

    Yes, crying helps....cry and shout makes my soul free